Requests for special prayers are frequently made at the Monastery by the Buddhist community. They are made for various occasions such as blessings for new residential or business premises, weddings, birthdays and for dedication of merits to the deceased who just passed away or during his memorial service.

The Special Prayers conducted may involve chanting of these suttas:

- Amitabha Buddha Sutra
- The Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisttva Sutra
- The Diamond Sutra

For the more elaborate merit dedication ceremonies, these may be conducted:

- Special prayer ceremony for the Transference of Merits to Departed Beloved & Petas
- Special prayer ceremony based on the Repentance of Emperor Liang

For more details, please contact the Monastery Admin Office at:6253 3532, 6253 8346, 6253 1423



   Regular Chanting at The Main Hall of LHM
(Every Sunday,1st and 15th Day of lunar month, 10:30am)



   Blessing Puja at The Main Hall of LHM
(Every Thursday, 7.30 pm)


Twice weekly Dharma Talks -Ven.Sek Meow Ee and Ven Men Jing
(Every Tuesday, 7.30 pm and Sunday, 12:30pm)

8 Precepts Observance Retreat
(During Vesak and Amitabha Birthday’s celebration)

Threefold Refuge Taking
(Every 15th of the lunar quarter)


 "Ran Xiang" 燃香 during Vesak celebration


   Lights of Hope
  Annual Charity Event to support elderly centre


Lunar New Year Eve Prayer
(Every Lunar New Year Eve, 10:00pm)



Qing Ming Festival Remembrance Prayer
(Special prayers during Qing Ming Festival)



Vesak Day Celebration – transference of lights


 Commemoration of Ullambana Festival
(Daily chanting of The Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisttva Sutra during Ullambana Festival)