Activities for the Year 2003

Lunar New Year's Dinner 2003 2003年新年晚宴

This year, we held our Lunar New Year's Dinner on 7th February 2003. We were honoured to have the Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Community Development & Sports, Mr Chan Soo Sen, as the Guest-of-Honour for the dinner. More than 2000 guests turned up for this celebration dinner to than our sponsors ans devotees who continue to support us wholeheartedly in all our events. The great performances of the dinner programme kept the evening alive especially when Mr Chan Soo Sen performed his singing. Donations from this dinner were gratefully received and utilized to finance the furnishings of the Temple building and Viriya's community projects. We would also like to thank Lee Wei Song Music School and the Hong Kong, Singaporean and Taiwanese artistes for the wonderful evening.




Vesak Day Celebration 庆祝卫塞节



Sharing and Caring For You 2003 关怀与分享2003

The first distribution of the 'Sharing and Caring' project was carried out in conjunction with the Vesak Day's celebration. It was held at Leong Hwa Monastery where the recipients were each provided with a simple vegetarian meal, prepared by Leong Hwa Monastery. We were very honoured to have Mr. Khaw Boon Wan, the Senior Minister of State (Transport and Information, Communications and the Arts) as our Guest-of-Honour for the evening. Focusing his speech on SARS and cleanliness, Mr. Khaw started off this get-together dinner. After the denner, goodie bags were distributed. A total of 400 recipients comprised residents from Moulmein and Kolam Ayer constituencies, and senior citizens from Indus Road attended this occasion.


On 12 July 2003, Viriya, supported by Suntec City Development Pte Ltd, Pertapis, a Malay voluntary welfare organisation and Indian self-help group SINDA, distributed 600 gooddy bags and ang pows to the needy at the Fountain of Wealth. The event was graced by our Guest of Honour, Mr. Chan Soo Sen, Minister of State for Education and Community Development & Sports. This distribution is part of Viriya's "Sharing & Caring For You" project where 1500 such bags are distributed annually to beneficiaries living largely in one-room rented HDB flats.

In spite of the economic slowdown, Viriya has expepanded the number of beneficiaries to include children from poor families who are in need of financial assistance for educational purposes. Hence, Viriya presented cheques of S$10,000 each to the 4 self-help groups' to enable them to help these children in their educational endevors. The 4 self-help groups are the Chinese Development Assistance Council, Mendaki, SINDA and the Eurasian Association.





Dharma Class 佛学基础班

The Monastery held a 9-course class on " Introduction to Buddhism". It was led by our President, Ven. Tsang Hui who is also the master of our Abbot, Ven. Sek Meow Ee. Ven. Tsang Hui focused on the need of understand Dharma and to develop faith in the Triple Gem. These lessons provided some answers and the inclusion of some real life examples were indeed very useful.




Lights Of Hope 2003 关怀感恩千万灯2003

Lights of Hope for this year held from 22 to 24 August 2003. The proceeds were used to fund the internal furnishings of the Monastery building. This event gave us an opportunity to express our filial piety to our parents and ancestors as well as to dedicate merits, good health, happiness and success to our loved ones.




The Viriya Lecture Series 进觉弘法系列讲座

The Lecture Series which was launched last year in conjunction with Ullambana festival focus on building a compassionate and caring society. This year, the Mandarin lecture was held on 12, 19 and 26 July 2003 and it attracted more than 400 participants. we were very pleased that Ven. Pu Ti, a renowned scholar from China gave the lectures. All contributions will help to build up the Sangha Welfare Fund which is used to provide financial and medical assistance to the senior members of Sangha community. 

配合盂兰盆会,进觉福利 协会在去年举行的弘法系列讲座,今年继续在7月12,19和26日举行。这一讲座旨在建设一个充满慈悲与关怀的社会。我们荣幸地请来了菩提法师为今年的讲座作佛法开示。菩提法师也是本院主席藏慧法师的高徒。讲座的捐款将全部用作建立“僧伽福利基金”为年长的出家众提供经济和医疗支援。



Lilies On The River 2003 水上漂荷2003

This year, we started our fund raising event in mid March 2003. We set a target of S$1m; in other words, we have to source for a sponsorship of 100,000 lilies @ S$10 each. Given the economic slowdown, this must have been a very ambitious goal but we achieved it. 

More than 100,000 lilies was floating on the Singapore River on 13 September 2003. Together with this event, there were a children "On-the-Spot Drawing" competition, a lantern making competition and some performances at the carnival by the Singapore River to complement the mid autumn festival mood. Our Gest of Honour, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Acting Minister for Health and Senior Minister of State for Finance arrived to witness the floating of the 100,000 lilies.






Ullambana Festival 南无大愿地藏王菩萨圣诞超度大法会

The 7th month of the Lunar calendar commemorates the birthday of Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva. To the Buddhists, this is a thanksgiving month and hence special prayers are conducted daily to express our filial piety to our deceased elders and dedicate merits for world peace, harmony and prosperity. we also show our appreciation to the members of the Sangha community by offering them token on the 15th day of the 7th month.





Grand Re-Installation of Buddha Images in Amitabha Hall& Deposition of Precious Items and Grand Puja 庆祝弥陀诞及西方三圣重新升座进宝庆典和祖先位入座超度大法会

The Amitabha Hall of Leong Hwa Monastery has completed. 3 Buddha images, namely Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Mahasthamaprata Bodhisattva were re-installed in this hall on 23 Nov 2003. In this day, we also had a ceremony for deposition of precious items, representing our offerings to Buddha as well as a great opportunity for us to dedicate merits, good health, happiness and success to our loved ones. The Monastery also held a Grand Puja in conjunction with the birthday of Amitabha Budha on 7 Dec 2003.




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