In 2001, we set up a separate charitable organisation, Viriya Community Services, which is also an institution of public character to reach out to and provide social services to a wider community, families and individuals in need regardless of race and religion.

Viriya is a Pali word which means Right Effort. We are therefore committed to applying the right effort and be guided by our mission to deliver quality social services and making a positive and sustainable impact to the society.

Mission statement of Viriya Community Services:

To bring joy and enhance the quality of life by providing care and assistance to families and individuals in need of support regardless of race and religion.

Our Community Projects
Sangha Welfare Fund:

The Fund is for the benefit of the Sangha community It is therefore religious in nature and hence comes under the umbrella of the Monastery. Members of the Sangha community meeting the following criteria may apply for assistance. All applications are subject to approval of the Management Committee and they reserve the right to make final decision.

1 The Fund would only be used to finance hospitalisation expenses upon request by a member of the Sangha community;

2 The amount to be funded would be based on medical expenses incurred, subject to a cap of $5,000 for a non-resident monk. A non-resident monk is one who is not regarded as a staff or holding any position with Leong Hwa Monastery.

3 For resident monks, the amount to be funded by the Fund would be capped at $20,000. Any medical expenses in excess of the $20,000 would be considered and approved by the Management Committee on a case by case basis.

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