5 June 2018

Dear devotees and friends,

As Buddhists, we aspire to cross over from the Sea of suffering to the Shore of happiness, from the Samsara of birth and death to Nirvana and from ignorance to enlightenment. Like a bodhisattva, all beings should practise the six (6) paramitas to achieve this.

At Leong Hwa Monastery, our goals remain steadfast to embrace and propagate the Buddha’s Teachings. Most significantly, we must practise His Teachings, cultivate the right attitude and practise compassion to lead a noble life.

In our first Dharma series, we invited Venerable Ming Xue to conduct eight weekly talks on “The Discourse on the Eight Realisations of the Great Beings”. In the months of July and August, commencing 6 July 2018, Venerable Ji Guang will share his thoughts on first two paramitas, namely giving (Dana) and upholding precepts (Sila). Kindly refer to DharmaTalkJulyAugust18 for details.

This year, we will celebrate Ullambana Festival from 11 August to 9 September 2018. On the final day, we will have Ksitigarbha Repentance Service to commemorate Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’ birthday and the Liberation of Hungry Ghosts from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm. Kindly refer to Ullambanafestival18(1); Ullambanafestival18(2); Ullambanafestival18(3) for details.

We thank you for your kind support of the Monastery. May the Merits of the Triple Gems be Always with you!

With Metta,

Venerable Sek Meow Ee


Leong Hwa Monastery


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