Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that the trustees of Leong Hwa Monastery have appointed Venerable Fa Cheng as the new Abbot. An investiture ceremony (住持晉院) will be held at the Monastery on Sunday, 25 June 2017 (Lunar date: 2 day of the 6 th lunar month, 六月初 二日 ), 10.00 am.

The ceremony will be presided by Venerable Tsang Hui and we expect over 50 venerables to witness this milestone event. We warmly welcome you to join us in this special event.

On this special occasion, we will have 4-day prayer, (Friday, 23 to 26 June, 2017) Emperor Liang Repentance Service (Liang Huang Bao Chan). In Buddhism, repentance is one of the most important daily practices because we often create evil thoughts, speech and deed and the only way to eradicate these is by practicing ‘repentance’.

The Background: The Emperor Liang repentance service was attributed to Emperor Wudi, the first emperor of the Liang Dynasty. During his reign, he adopted Confucian values in governmental affairs and embraced Buddhism. He banned the sacrifice of animals and was against execution of human beings. During his life, he received the Bodhisattva precepts.

The Legend: According to the legend, the empress was reborn in the woeful state of a huge snake because of her negative karma. She appeared in Emperor Wudi”s dreams, begging him to save her from this woeful state. The Emperor sought advice from Venerable Bao Zhi, who together with many high ranking monastic members wrote a ten-chapter repentance book for the Emperor to help relieved the suffering of his wife. It describes the reasons behind the empress’ transformation and the deeds performed by Emperor Wudi as well as the prostrations to a number of Buddhas.

The Practice: After performing the Repentance Service by reciting the ten chapters, the empress again appeared in Emperor Wudi”s dreams to thank and inform him that she was then reborn in the heaven. Today, the recitation of the book is a major repentance service for dedicating and sharing of merits with all beings.

On Friday, 23 June 2017, on behalf of Leong Hwa Monastery, Venerable Sek Meow Ee will pass on his master’s linage doctrines (传法) of”Cao Dong” (曹洞) to Venerable Gu Ru.

If you wish to participate in the Emperor Liang Repentance Service, kindly contact us on telephone, 6252 3532.

With Metta

Venerable Sek Meow Ee


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